The Crain gardeners: Tom (dad), Olivia (daughter #1), Cessily (daughter #2)

The Crain gardeners: Tom (dad), Olivia (daughter #1), Cessily (daughter #2)

June 17, 2009

As soon as the city tilled and mulched, the community gardeners were called in to plot and plant.  A deluge of rain that week ended up helping the new plants, but slowed down the city prep a bit for some of the other gardens.  

On Saturday morning, we drove on in to the community garden at Charles & Turner (near Howard & North) in the Elizabeth Park Valley neighborhood, shook hands with half a dozen of our new community garden friends and staked out our 10’ x 20’ plot. The garden is in an ideal spot situated in a scenic and secluded wooded valley surrounded by friendly neighbors in well-kept two-story homes willing to help when needed. A big and friendly watchdog and a working fire hydrant with attached hose were additional accessories.  What could be better?

The gardeners are already bonding—exchanging plants, helping each other out with staking and watering and even making plans together for the unclaimed dirt.  

 My crew (two daughters Olivia, 11, and Cessily, 8) laid down a variety of tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.  We got to bond with the resident watchdog (I believe there’s a wee bit of pit bull in him, so it’s important to win him over).  Who knows, maybe we can train him to bite the pants off of any tomato wranglers.  


The honeymoon period for gardening hasn’t worn off yet. Not enough time has passed for inevitable pesky weeds, chomped leaves from invading pests or drooping plants from lack of rain.  Ahhh…life is good.  Will it continue?  Stay tuned for the next steps in the growing season including getting to know the unique mix of fellow gardeners.